Age Management: Combating the Aging Process in West Palm Beach

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Aging is one of those things that most people have a love or hate relationship with it. Some people even have mixed feelings, loving and hating it all at the same time. Whether you embrace aging as a part of life or are completely horrified by it, age management can help you. Some people may love aging but wish to stay as healthy as they were when younger, age management could help with that. Or, if you want to slow the whole process down, you bet we can help with that too. With the Beaute Therapies Medical Spa Age Management services, you will notice many positive changes when it comes to your beauty, health, and general wellness. But what exactly does the service entail? You may be thinking that preventing aging is impossible; however, there are ways to combat it and slow it down.


How Does Age Management Work?

Our age management services align with our mission to empower a more holistic approach to life, beauty, health, and general wellness. By holistic, we mean taking into account things that are not necessarily medical. So many people rely solely on medical approaches like medicine and surgeries to halt aging and fix other areas of deficiencies in their lives. A holistic approach is a more natural take to solving health issues. Our experts will take a look at aging on a more cellular level. When we do this, we will give you a micronutrient lab test that will measure all kinds of things in your body. Our team will then be able to work with you on what vitamins, detoxes, and supplements are best for you and your body.



Many people have a lack of essential vitamins in their diet, thus, making them feel less than ideal. You may not notice the vitamin shortage at first, as people can go a while without getting the proper vitamin intake or even seeing that something is off. However, as soon as you get the proper vitamins, you will notice a boost in your mood, energy, and overall health. Here at Beaute Therapies, we offer B12, B, Complex, Folic, Vitamin D, and more vitamin shots.



The idea of doing a detox is not for everyone. Some people argue that it does more harm than good, while others swear by detoxes. Whichever side of the aisle you’re on, it’s essential to keep in mind that a detox is a holistic approach. Our staff can recommend a detox that fits your body’s needs. The detox usually cleans the body of toxins and can help people get into a healthier lifestyle. While detox is often just-drinks, ours combines drinks and functions foods.



Have you ever noticed how the people who are consistent with the gym are always taking supplements? There’s a reason for it. The right supplements for your body can do wonders. We help you figure this out by doing a micronutrient test. The test is a simple blood draw in our office and will show us what supplements can benefit you. Once the results are in, we will show you them and discuss different supplement options and how each one can help you and your health. The best part is that all of the supplements you may need are carried at Beaute Therapies. Your first batch can be bought in the office, and future refills can be purchased online or in the office. Whichever is most comfortable for you.


If you are looking for ways to combat aging, or just want to improve your health, our Age Management service is for you. The service is completely customized to you and your needs and is entirely based on our test. If you aren’t comfortable with medicine or procedures, you don’t need to worry. Our age management service is completely holistic, meaning it is focused on things like diet, nutrients, and supplements. All things that are healthy and can only help you. Want to learn more about our age management service? Ready to book an appointment? Give our West Palm Beach, Florida office a call today at (561) 653-3399.