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Banishing the Double Chin without Injections

Lately it seems everyone is crazy for contouring with makeup. From YouTube tutorials to fanatically-liked Instagram posts, the bronze and highlight technique is still trending. But contouring can be time-consuming, especially as we grow older. Not to mention the fact that it requires some skill with a makeup brush…

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Exciting Facial Rejuvenation Results with Vollure

I was noticing little vertical lines above my upper lip and was wondering what I can do. I wanted natural looking results without increasing the size of my lips. I went to see Susan MacPherson, Owner of Beauté Therapies Medical Spa. She informed me about all my options and we decided to go with Vollure. Vollure lasts for up to 18 months, which is what I was looking for…

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Soften Parentheses Lines & Wrinkles JUVÉDERM VOLLURE™ XC softens moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles to create a smoother appearance. Schedule Your appointment Today! (561)653-3399

Exciting Results with Vollure XC

Lip injections can be uncomfortable or painful. At Beauté Therapies Medical Spa it’s NOT. Susan administers dental block, so I felt nothing! It took about 15 minutes…et Voila! I got an ice pack and Arnica for healing and was on my way. There was some swelling in the evening, but nothing too crazy. It took a few days to heal and my lines are gone, and my lips look great…

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What Is Collagen? Breaking Down the Beauty Benefits of Collagen

Accounting for approximately 33% of all protein in the human body – making it the most abundant protein – collagen contributes to skeletal, joint, muscular, tendon, dental, hair, and skin health. Its prime role is to fasten together cells and tissues to support the shape and integrity of various cellular structures in the body. In simpler terms, collagen acts as a sort of flexible glue that keeps the body looking and functioning at its best…

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We'd love to have a more in-depth discussion with you about the benefits of Botox for guys and prove to you that fillers aren't just for the ladies anymore... Schedule Your appointment Today! (561)653-3399

Hey Guys! Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Brotox

Botox for men, also known as brotox, continues to grow in popularity. Here’s everything you need to know about the many benefits of botox for men…


THE 360 LIP FIX – Injectables That Make a Difference

The most difficult to treat area and the most aging is the area above the lip line, below the lip and the chin area, known as the perioral area. Those lines can really make you look older than you’d like. Many women find this to be a trouble spot adding years to the face, unnecessarily. It is the most difficult to treat because of the sensitivity of this area and the fine lines that require a myriad of injections…