Choosing the Right Chemical Peel for Darker Skin Tones

Darker skin tones require special considerations when selecting a chemical peel. While chemical peels are an effective and popular way to improve the appearance of skin, the wrong peel can cause damage and even scarring in skin with more melanin than lighter skin tones. To ensure you get the

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Chemical Peels

If you’re looking to relax and rejuvenate your skin, then you should consider the wide range of services offered by Beaute Therapies Medical Spa in West Palm Beach. From chemical peels and dermal fillers to spa facials and Botox, this medical spa offers a variety of services to help

Are Facials Worth It?: Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning, & More

You may have heard of facials and spa treatments, but you may not know the benefits they can provide or if they are worth the time and money. Facials are a great way to improve your skin’s health and appearance, as well as to relax and pamper yourself. There

Which Chemical Peel Is Right For Me?

When it comes to skin rejuvenation, chemical peels are one of the most popular treatments. A chemical peel can improve the texture and appearance of your skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and even help with acne. But with so many chemical peels out there, it can be hard

Chemical Peel Treatment Options

Chemical peels are one of the most popular skin treatments available today. They can help improve the overall appearance and health of your skin, and are relatively affordable and safe. It’s important to understand the different types of chemical peels and their associated risks and benefits before deciding which

Rejuvenize, Vitalize, and Illuminize Peels: What Are the Differences

A chemical peel is a popular and very effective way to rejuvenate skin. Chemical peels work to eliminate surface layers of dead and damaged skin by applying a chemical solution to the skin, resulting in a bright, more youthful complexion. Used to treat a variety of skin issues such

5 Tips To Prep Yourself for Chemical Peel Procedures

If you’re tired of spending money on over-the-counter products with mixed or no results, a chemical peel treatment should be considered. This procedure involves the application of medical-strength ingredients that gently lift a layer of the skin. The new skin is normally smooth or has less discoloration than before.

How Light, Medium, and Deep Chemical Peels are Different

Acne, fine lines, or sun-damaged skin is no fun at any age. Besides being painful at times, it can also be distracting as well as difficult to treat. Sometimes, wearing heavy makeup worsens the problem, and popping bumps often result in scarring. Using over-the-counter products can be a gamble,

What is a Chemical Peel And How Does it Work?

Aging is not a process that anyone looks forward to. Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and hyperpigmentation threaten even the healthiest skin, adding years to a complexion. How do we reclaim our youth and take care of our skin in a way that turns back time, adding fresh vitality

Do Chemical Peels Help Acne?

Chemical peels in a medical spa in West Palm Beach, FL are considered the first line of treatment for acne skin. The main component of a chemical peel is called alpha hydroxy acid. It is used to help remove the upper skin layers. You can do this with chemical