Here Are a Few Things You Can Use Laser Treatments for in West Palm Beach, FL

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Laser treatments are an effective way of dealing with skincare issues such as age spots, smoothing out skin tone, removing stretch marks, acne, tattoos, and excess hair. For those who want to treat their skin in a safe, yet quick manner, lasers are the modern tools that make this possible. There are a variety of laser treatment options available and knowing the differences between them makes deciding which is best for you a lot easier. Keep reading to learn more about laser treatments and how they can help you!

It’s no secret that, everyone wants to look and feel their best, and South Florida’s luxurious and beauty-filled environment only makes this desire that much more apparent. Lasers offer a way of changing someone’s appearance and ultimately giving them the look they always wanted. Laser technology focuses its energy on one particular area making it possible to treat specific areas of the skin without causing damage or irritation to surrounding areas. 


Wrinkle Reduction & Skin Tightening

These laser treatments in West Palm Beach, FL uses different devices such as carbon dioxide and pulse dye. They target a specific area with a certain amount of heat and this removes and tightens excess skin. For those with wrinkles, they can quickly address these issues without creating excessive amounts of pain or procedures. 



There are different types of lesions to include pigmented, vascular, and pre-cancerous. Pigmented lesions are sun and age spots, vascular lesions are broken blood vessels appearing at the surface of the skin such as spider veins and birthmarks. Pre-cancerous lesions are growth spots that appear on the skin. Lasers are common in treating all of these conditions and can help remove them. Laser treatment targets specific colors in an area and treats them so they are no longer visible. 


Hair Removal

Laser treatments are common in the removal of hair throughout the body. They focus on eliminating hair from certain parts of the body by targeting specific areas of the skin. It emits a light that is absorbed by the hair and ultimately removes the hair follicles entirely. This prevents hair growth in the future giving your skin a smooth feel long-term. 



This laser treatment option focuses on the skin around where there are large amounts of acne. It uses a carbon dioxide laser to remove these spots and helps prevent them in the future. This changes the production of collagen and decreases the excess amount of grease that builds up in the skin. 



The removal of tattoos focuses on certain areas of the skin in the location of the colors, words, and images of the tattoo. Lasers use light to separate the skin from the dark pigmentation where the ink was applied. Once this happens, the ink is no longer visible and the pigmentation where the ink used to be has been removed. This temporarily leaves a spot where the tattoo existed, but as time passes this discoloration fades leaving you with ink-free skin.


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