Making Laser Hair Removal a Priority this Summer in West Palm Beach

Laser Hair Removal

It’s summer here in South Florida, and that means extra time spent shaving our legs, underarms, and more to make sure we look smooth and supple when we head out to the beach. After a long few months of sheltering in place for COVID-19, the beaches are open and that means it’s time to hit the shore with smooth skin. Let’s face it — traditional methods of removing body hair can sometimes smell awful and be messy. Is there is a better way to have silky smooth, hair-free legs all of the time? The answer is yes. If you’ve been thinking about laser hair removal in West Palm Beach, then there is no time better than the present to reach out to the medical professionals at Beaute Therapies Medical Spa. While your initial cost for the procedure might be a little more than waxing, you will save yourself hundreds of dollars in the long run compared to the continuous bikini and leg waxing treatments you endure week after week at the salon. The medical professionals at  Beaute Therapies Medical Spa are ready to answer all of your questions about laser hair removal. Most importantly, so you don’t waste your time or money, they will let you know if you are right for the procedure because not everyone is a candidate. The best candidates for this type of hair removal are those who have pale skin and dark hair. The contrast between light skin and dark hair allows the melanin to be easily targeted. 

Is laser hair removal painful?

Most people who have had laser hair removal treatment agree that it is less painful than waxing. Some describe it as a hot rubber band snapping on your skin sensation. Your medical professional will use a numbing cream on all areas to be lasered beforehand.  When done by a licensed medical professional who is specially trained in the laser hair removal process, you can trust that the procedure will be successful. But more than that, it will free you from a burden that has frustrated you to no for as long as you can remember. At Beaute Therapies Medical Spa, run by Susan Macpherson, APRN, MNM, ANCC, President of Beauté Therapies, is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with over 25 years’ experience.  Her team uses the most advanced laser technology on the market to comfortably and permanently remove your hair follicles. Before you know it, your legs will be silky and smooth and summer-ready!

Important things to know about laser hair removal!

  • Medical professionals advise that you stay out of the sun at least four weeks before the treatment- unfortunately, the procedure does not work on sunburned skin.
  • A laser concentrates a beam of light on the pigment in your hair follicle and then kills the follicle at its root. The technique works by using a specific type of laser that targets pigment or the dark color of the hair in order to destroy the hair follicles for good.
  • Make sure your body is free of any skincare products like moisturizers, other lotions, or oils.
  • It sometimes takes about five or six sessions to see optimal results. But we guarantee you will be happy with the results!
  • The length of treatment time varies—but it’s usually around 20 minutes to an hour depending on the area being treated.
  • You should not wax, shave, or pluck before or after your treatment.
  • Laser hair removal in West Palm Beach is safe, effective and the results last a very long time when performed by a licensed medical professional. But it does require a few sessions to get the smooth and supple result you want. 

How do I get in touch?

To become even more familiar with the procedure, why not call our team at Beaute Therapies Medical Spa for a free, no-obligation consultation. Susan Macpherson and her team of skilled medical professionals can clear up any concerns you may have and answer all your questions. Call (561) 653-3399 to discover more about laser hair removal in West Palm Beach and to check out our other popular treatments and services.