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Enhance Your Beauty with Radiesse Treatments in Palm Beach

Are you dreaming of smoother, more youthful-looking skin? Discover the transformative power of Radiesse, a unique dermal filler that delivers immediate volume enhancement and long-lasting skin rejuvenation. At Beauté Therapies, we are experts in using Radiesse to restore your natural radiance and unveil a more refreshed and beautiful you.

Transform Your Look with Dermal Filler Procedures

Radiesse stands apart from other fillers thanks to its powerful dual-action formula:

Instant Plumping: The smooth gel-like consistency of Radiesse provides immediate volume, smoothing wrinkles, and contouring your features for a subtly lifted look.

Stimulates Natural Collagen Production: Beneath the surface, Radiesse goes to work, stimulating your body’s production of collagen – the vital protein that gives your skin its firmness and structure.

These combined benefits make Radiesse a long-lasting and versatile treatment option for your aesthetic goals.

Experience Skin Tightening Injections in West Palm Beach

  • Smile Lines and Nasolabial Folds: Minimize the appearance of creases around your mouth for a more youthful grin.
  • Marionette Lines: Smooth away those vertical lines running from the corners of your mouth for a softer expression.
  • Chin Wrinkles:  Restore a smoother, firmer-looking chin area.
  • Cheek Augmentation: Create beautifully sculpted cheekbones and restore lost volume.
  • Hands: Turn back the clock on aging with Radiesse hand rejuvenation, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and veins.

Revitalize Your Appearance with a Non-Surgical Facelift

If you’re looking for a way to rejuvenate your entire look without invasive surgery, Radiesse offers the perfect solution. This non-surgical facelift in West Palm Beach leverages the filler’s lifting and collagen-boosting power for these incredible benefits:

Restores Facial Volume: Recapture the contours of youth by filling in areas where volume loss has occurred.

Lifts and Supports: With its collagen stimulation properties, Radiesse subtly lifts sagging skin, creating a more defined jawline and tighter-looking complexion.

Long-Lasting Results: Radiesse can deliver noticeable improvements for over a year for lasting rejuvenation.


Most patients find Radiesse injections very tolerable. We’ll take steps to maximize your comfort, including numbing cream or mixing Radiesse with a local anesthetic.

Treatment sessions are relatively quick, typically lasting between 30-60 minutes depending on the areas being treated.

You’ll notice immediate volume enhancement from Radiesse.  Over the following weeks, as collagen production ramps up, your results will continue to improve.

Why Choose Beauté Therapies for Your Radiesse Treatment

Expertise Matters: Our team possesses extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and artistry in aesthetic injection techniques for optimal results.

Your Goals, Our Priority: We’ll develop a personalized treatment plan designed around your unique needs and desired outcomes.

Exceptional Care: We’re committed to providing a comfortable and stress-free experience where you feel confident and cared for.Ready to unveil your most radiant self? Transform Your Look with Radiesse Treatment in Palm Beach. Contact Beauté Therapies today to schedule your consultation!  Or call us directly at (561) 633-3399.

See the noticeable difference for yourself:

Before & After

“The reason I was so excited about Radiesse is that you can get results without having to have surgery.”

– Florencia, 49

Medical Spa
Medical Spa
Medical Spa
Medical Spa

RADIESSE Refresh your appearance

A volumizing filler that provides an instant lift, filling wrinkles and folds to help restore a = youthful look to your skin. Stimulates your body’s own collagen production and creates results that are clinically proven to last a year or more.

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Before Your Radiesse Treatment

The first thing you will want to do is schedule a free one-on-one consultation with Beaute Therapies in West Palm Beach about the Radiesse treatment.

During this session, your concerns, assess your skin and determine if you are a candidate for the Radiesse treatment.

Please use the contact form to send us your questions or schedule a free consultation with Beaute Therapies or call (561)653.3399.

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