Soft Tissue Fillers – What Your Need to Know

Soft Tissue Fillers,

Have you ever wanted to look five to ten years younger?

Modern dermatology and ground-breaking products and treatments make it possible for you to look much younger, healthier, and beautiful than ever. They can give you years back through simple, minimally-invasive treatments performed in a matter of minutes.

They can easily eliminate age-related facial problems like fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, or flat facial tissue. 

There are many reasons wrinkles and lines appear on your face and make you look (and feel) older than you are. While aging is the usual suspect, it is not always the culprit, and there are plenty of other reasons for wrinkles and lines to appear.

Fortunately, minimally invasive treatments can help you get your younger-looking face back. The best of these treatments are soft tissue fillers, also known as dermal fillers.

Let’s discuss how they work, the risks involved, and why you should opt for these treatments.

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How Soft Tissue Fillers Work

Soft tissue fillers are injectable solutions that act as temporary fillers to correct age-related volume loss, hollows, acne scars, lines, creases, or wrinkles on your face. These fillers restore facial contours in areas of your face where there is flat or sunken tissue due to volume shifts or the loss of fat, muscle, or bone.

Soft tissue fillers fill the gaps that are the root cause of your fine lines and wrinkles. 

They can fill up your cheeks, lips and more, to make your face look plumper, younger, and fresher. 

Some of the most preferred soft tissue fillers are the ones that use hyaluronic acid (HA).

HA is present in the skin naturally; however, we lose almost half of it between 20 and 50 years. HA soft tissue fillers aim to restore what we have lost through time, giving a very natural-looking result from a treatment that suits our facial tissue.

Natural HA in our skin also provides the benefit of holding water, which promotes healthy skin and metabolism function. HA soft tissue fillers act the same way. 

Various options of these fillers are designed specifically to match the various needs of particular areas of your face.

For example, the HA soft tissue fillers for your lips are different from the HA fillers for your cheeks.

What Are the Risks Involved?

Much like any treatment, there are a few risks associated with soft tissue fillers in some people. There are some reports of nerve damage in the targeted area but, this is mostly due to the lack of experience of the professional injecting the fillers.

There is also the possibility that the product can move from the targeted area over time. 

Since all injections pose a risk of infection, soft tissue fillers have that risk as well.

 However, you can minimize all these risks by opting for an experienced professional who knows what they are doing.

Beaute Therapies Medical Spa in Essex, MA, are the best specialists for the job and can help you minimize all risks involved with fillers. We can even help you correct any bad experiences you may have had from other filler services.

Why Opt for Soft Tissue Fillers?

A good thing about soft tissue fillers is that they are minimally invasive and temporary, which means if you are not happy with the results, you can lose them in 4 to 6 months. However, if you opt for experienced specialists, the results speak for themselves.

Moreover, these knowledgeable, professional specialists can minimize all the risks involved with soft tissue fillers through best practices, experience and by qualifying you as a good candidate for the treatment first.

We Can Help!

We highly recommend Beaute Therapies in Essex, MA, for anyone looking for the best soft tissue filler treatments around.

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