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Susan MacPherson & Beaute Therapies Help Orphans in Need

In 1995, Clara J. Pascal traveled to Ukraine with a church group. On this trip, she visited an orphanage and witnessed firsthand the horrible conditions suffered by helpless and defenseless children and met the child that eventually became her son. That trip changed her life and the lives of thousands of children. She abandoned her film career, and devoted her life to providing a better life for orphans in Ukraine.

Upon returning to the United States, she became affiliated with Universal Aid for Children and founded its Ukrainian division. The program began as a medical mission– to find volunteer doctors to correct serious but treatable medical conditions that were being ignored. Through her efforts, numerous Western medical professionals have traveled to Ukraine to donate their services and time to perform surgeries on children with a variety of correctable deformities.

Early on, in 1995 Susan MacPherson from Beaute Therapies has started participating in medical missions to Ukraine, in affiliation with Universal Aid for Children. She also supports Harvest Hands Missions in Mexico.

Universal Aid for Children in Ukraine is a non-for-profit organization engages in the following missions:



Universal Aid for Children, Inc. is dedicated to fulfilling the medical, educational and emotional needs of orphans, orphanage graduates, displaced children and young people with disabilities in the Odessa region of Ukraine. Please join us in our continual effort to relieve the pain and suffering of these deserving children. You can make a difference!

Donate and support a child using the link below.

Susan MacPherson, UAC Board Member

Susan is a dedicated professional who strives to help her patients feel and look their best.