Beyond the Glow: How Spa Facials Influence Your Mood

When it comes to skincare, many people focus on the outward appearance of their skin and the benefits of taking care of it. But what about the mental and emotional wellness that comes with taking care of your skin? That’s where spa facials can make a difference. Spa facials

Rejuvenize, Vitalize, and Illuminize Peels: What Are the Differences

A chemical peel is a popular and very effective way to rejuvenate skin. Chemical peels work to eliminate surface layers of dead and damaged skin by applying a chemical solution to the skin, resulting in a bright, more youthful complexion. Used to treat a variety of skin issues such

5 Tips To Prep Yourself for Chemical Peel Procedures

If you’re tired of spending money on over-the-counter products with mixed or no results, a chemical peel treatment should be considered. This procedure involves the application of medical-strength ingredients that gently lift a layer of the skin. The new skin is normally smooth or has less discoloration than before.

How Light, Medium, and Deep Chemical Peels are Different

Acne, fine lines, or sun-damaged skin is no fun at any age. Besides being painful at times, it can also be distracting as well as difficult to treat. Sometimes, wearing heavy makeup worsens the problem, and popping bumps often result in scarring. Using over-the-counter products can be a gamble,

The Difference Between a Spa And A Medical Spa

It seems there’s a vast number of beauty spas in the West Palm Beach, FL area these days. While many are popular, choosing a facility with licensed health personnel is recommended for certain cosmetic services. Your body is the only one you have and though looking good is an