The Difference Between a Spa And A Medical Spa

It seems there’s a vast number of beauty spas in the West Palm Beach, FL area these days. While many are popular, choosing a facility with licensed health personnel is recommended for certain cosmetic services. Your body is the only one you have and though looking good is an esteem booster, quality is what matters most. Medical spas, or medspas, pride themselves on using modern technology to deliver pleasing results. Having licensed professionals on the premises is key to getting the right care when undergoing a procedure, like Botox.

Restoring Your Natural Beauty in a Safe Environment

The goal of an esthetician is to make their clients feel good by creating a relaxing atmosphere. They also utilize certain techniques and topical products to make temporary changes to one’s appearance. While some states require estheticians to be licensed, their scope of training limits them in treating certain conditions. Medical assistants and registered nurses who work in medspas have extensive training in medical aesthetics and other skincare services. Their expertise surpasses what an individual may learn in a weekend training session.

Getting Real Answers to Your Questions

Not every procedure is a fit for every individual. However, a consultation with an expert who specializes in creating a natural look may result in other possible options. One upside to visiting a medspa is they offer a menu of proven beauty treatments to improve your appearance. A good example of this is chemical peels, as a wide variety of ingredients may be used to give skin a smoother look. Someone who enjoys that West Palm Beach, FL sun would likely receive a different treatment than a person who stays indoors.

Seeing Results That Last and Look Natural

People who receive cosmetic surgery realize turning back the clock on their bodies is near impossible. Aging is a wonderful thing, and with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, most individuals can look good for their age. Many of the services offered by a medspa can last from several months up to a year. Unlike having plastic surgery, there’s no downtime, as some clients may get a touch-up during their lunch break. The initial consultation includes an assessment that determines your candidacy for services.

Choosing from a Wide Range of Services

Clients often make the most of their visit by receiving additional services, like getting a facia or dermabrasion treatment. These are made to deep cleanse, detoxify, and rejuvenate your skin. Often, results can be seen almost immediately, and many enjoy having this done in a calm atmosphere. While many are designed to give the skin a softer feel, there are also some therapies for people with acne scarring.


Overall, if you want more for your money, visiting Beaute Therapies in West Palm Beach, FL is the way to go. Book your initial consultation today and discover which services can change your life for the better. Also, check out the great client reviews.