The Ins and Outs of Body Contouring in West Palm Beach, FL

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In South Florida, everyone desires that perfect body to have fun at the beach, in the sun, at the clubs, and to impress the opposite sex. Nobody likes to go on a diet and feels that if there is an easier way of reducing unwanted fat, they will do it. Body contouring in West Palm Beach, FL, is becoming all the rage of getting the tight, perfect body you want. 

It is more than just eliminating unwanted fat and giving you a shapely figure to feel good. It is a medical procedure where you will have the excess fat removed using a laser targeting the cells beneath the skin. There are significant benefits of body contouring and it is not for just anyone. 

To determine if it is right for you requires understanding the ins and outs of how it works. These elements help you to make a prudent decision about having it done and if it can help you to get the body you want.

 What is Body Contouring?

Like we stated previously, body contouring is a medical procedure using a pulse laser that removes fat cells in about 25 to 30 minutes. It eliminates about one-quarter of the body fat underneath the skin’s surface and requires three to four follow-up appointments. Each time more removal of the fat takes place to give you a firmer and slimmer-looking appearance. The risks are low and you can have the entire thing done as an outpatient and go home the same day. Unlike tummy tucks and plastic surgery, you don’t have the procedure’s adverse effects and must spend weeks recovering. 

The laser does not create a hot and burning sensation; its intensity is adjusted up or down to reduce discomfort. It is burning the fat underneath the skin and you don’t feel the sharp and sudden impacts of the procedure. Many people find that the pain levels are manageable and there is little recovery time. 

You don’t have to disrupt your busy schedule or take a leave of absence from work to have it performed. You can make an appointment and go home the same day without having any adverse side effects. 

Who Benefits from Body Contouring?

Body contouring is perfect for those who have areas of fat that just won’t go away regardless of dieting and exercising. It is from factors other than working out hard, such as pregnancy, aging, lifestyle shifts, or changing hormone levels. It is not for those wanting extreme weight loss but targets the pouches of fat in places like the stomach, arms, back, and chin. Those who are exercising, have a healthy diet, and need to remove these pockets are perfect for this kind of treatment. 

What are the Costs?

Body contouring is reasonably priced and ranges from $2,000 to $30,000, with costs depending on the scope and frequency. Many times, payment plans are available to work with you on a schedule meeting your needs. You must maintain a healthy lifestyle of dieting, exercising, not smoking, or abusing drugs for it to last. The treatment is permanent, but like anything, if you engage in reckless behavior, it will not be as effective. These factors are the key to maximizing your investment and maintaining that perfect look. 

Are There Other Benefits?

The most significant benefit of body contouring is it eliminates fat that does not seem to disappear with hard work. After the treatments are finished, there are not continuing follow-up visits like with plastic surgery. You are not given any addictive pain killers and it takes about half an hour to perform each protocol. Your life is not interrupted and you can continue doing the things you love. The most significant benefit is you feel good about yourself and have a sense of achievement in knowing you look and feel good. 

We Can Help!

Body contouring in West Palm Beach, FL, is perfect for those who want to eliminate unwanted fat that diets and exercise can’t. Contact Beaute Therapies Medical Spa to learn how they can help you to look and feel good.