Things To Know About Sculptra Aesthetic

Woman receiving dermal filler treatment

Sculptra aesthetic is a facial rejuvenation technique that involves injecting poly-L-lactic acid filler in the targeted area. It stimulates collagen production to correct facial wrinkles and replace lost volume. Many people are using this FDA-approved treatment to reverse their aesthetic concerns. Here are the important things every potential patient should know about the treatment.

Results Last Up to Two Years

The first thing you should know about Sculptra is that it offers gradual yet long-lasting results. This is because it is a bioactivator. The immediate fullness you see immediately after receiving the injection disappears and leaves poly-L-lactic acid filler to stimulate collagen production over time.

This collagen restores the volume and inner structure that the skin losses due to age. You can receive between three to five Sculptra treatments to achieve optimal results.

Results Vary With Patients

Patients should understand that the results depend on their ability to produce collagen. For instance, a 30-year-old patient has a higher chance of having a successful treatment than a 60-year-old patient. However, you can receive several injections to ensure that you achieve the desired results.

Additionally, strictly adhere to the aftercare regimen after the treatment. It involves massaging the tissue around the treated area five times daily for at least five days. The regimen assists in the even distribution of the poly-L-lactic acid facial and reduces the risk of nodule or granuloma formation.

It is Less Invasive

Sculptra in West Palm Beach is minimally invasive because it only involves injections. This is why many patients prefer it over other facial rejuvenation techniques like fat transfer.

However, dermatologists at Beaute Therapies Medical Spa recommend patients with sensitive skin or who are allergic to Sculptra ingredients to consider other treatments like Botox. Having a history of hypertrophic scarring also disqualifies you from being a good candidate for poly-L-lactic acid facial.

The minimal invasion allows patients to resume their daily activities immediately after the treatment. You may experience some swelling in the injected area, but it disappears on the same day. This is why many dermatologists consider Sculptra a zero=downtime collagen-restoring treatment.

Not Safe to Use Around Your Eyes

Another vital thing to know about Sculptra in West Palm Beach is that it is unsafe to use for hollowed eyes. The skin around your eyes is quite delicate. For this reason, injectable poly-L-lactic acid can cause bumps.

Additionally, it is difficult to predict the results of using the treatment in this area. This collagen-restoring treatment provides excellent results in areas like the cheeks, neck, jawline, and chin.

It Has Potential Side Effects

Despite being FDA-approved, injectable poly-L-lactic acid has several side effects, such as redness, tenderness, swelling, bleeding, and pain on the injection site. Sometimes, you can notice smaller bumps when you press the treated area.

The duration of these side effects varies. To reduce their risk, dermatologists use a lower dilution of the medicine and avoid injecting it in sensitive areas.

Hopefully, this information will help you understand this treatment better and help you make an informed decision. If you are looking for firmer and younger-looking skin, contact Beaute Therapies Medical Spa for the best skin rejuvenation services.