Treat Varicose Veins With Sclerotherapy

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When the walls or valves in your veins become damaged or weak, this can result in varicose veins. These veins usually appear on the legs and thighs but can occur on any part of the body. Varicose veins can cause aches, cramps and general pain in the legs. Legs can feel heavy and tired and sometimes people only feel relief by wearing a support hose. In addition to pain, varicose veins make it difficult to wear shorts, skirts, and bathing suits. As a result, it can drastically lower one’s self-esteem. If you have varicose or spider veins and are searching for an effective treatment, you may benefit from sclerotherapy in West Palm Beach, FL.

What Is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that treats small varicose veins and spider veins. Many people prefer sclerotherapy because it is nonsurgical, the alternative being open surgery where veins are cut out and removed. With sclerotherapy, a solution is injected into the veins, causing them to shrivel up. As a result, blood cannot pass through them and eventually your body will absorb the shriveled varicose and spider veins. This is a safe and effective method to get rid of unhealthy veins. Veins that respond well to this procedure do not reappear, however you may require multiple treatments to achieve desired results.

In addition to removing unsightly veins, patients will benefit in many ways by having this procedure.

Pain Relief

The belief that sclerotherapy is a cosmetic procedure is not true. Varicose veins cause a lot of discomfort and pain by putting pressure on your skin. You may be experiencing pain from the veins themselves as well as the surrounding tissues these unhealthy veins are affecting. Removing them will ultimately eliminate the pain associated with them.

Highly Effective

There is no need to choose surgery over sclerotherapy. This nonsurgical procedure is highly effective, as a significant number of veins can be eliminated in just one session. You may need more than one session to achieve desired results, but most patients are satisfied with the smooth, healthy legs they get after the procedure. Clothing they used to avoid soon become staples in their wardrobe, such as shorts, dresses and skirts. This permanent solution will get rid of spider veins in a few weeks, while varicose veins should disappear after a few months. If additional veins appear afterwards, it’s advised that you come in for another treatment.

Outpatient Procedure

At Beaute Therapies, we offer this procedure to remove varicose veins easily and safely. It is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can go home the same day. It does not require anesthesia or cutting and removing tissue. Additionally, it has very few complications. When you return home, we do encourage you to walk around to prevent blood clotting, avoid aerobic activities for several days and not to take certain medications after the procedure.

Fast Procedure

Before your procedure, we will give you an estimate on how long it may take so you can easily schedule your day around it. In general, treatment lasts between 15 and 30 minutes, allowing you to return to your life in no time. Where you fall in that time timeframe depends on the size and number of veins that need to be treated.

Are You A Candidate?

If you are interested in sclerotherapy, schedule a free consultation at our medical spa in West Palm Beach, FL. During this session, we will determine if you are a candidate for this treatment. Although safe, it may not be right for some individuals. For example, women who are using birth control pills or are pregnant cannot undergo the procedure. Additionally, if you have had a blood clot, we will need to know the cause to determine if you are in good enough health for sclerotherapy.

Visit Beaute Therapies

If you are interested in this effective, nonsurgical procedure to remove varicose and spider veins, schedule your initial consultation today. During your consultation, we will be asked if you are taking OTC medications, supplements, herbs, vitamins and prescription medication. It’s important that we know your medical history, too, as this will determine if you are a candidate.

At Beaute Therapies, you will always be in safe hands, thanks to our highly skilled team of medical professionals. For sclerotherapy in West Palm Beach, FL, contact us today. Call (561)653.3399 to schedule an appointment.