What Can a Medical Spa in Essex, Massachusetts Do for You?

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The word spa usually makes people think of candlelit massages and extended time in a hot sauna. The mind instantly goes to relaxation. While many local spas do have these services, a medical spa is a completely different experience. When you walk into a medical spa in Essex, Massachusetts, you aren’t just relaxing; you’re getting some type of service for enhancement. It’s truly the best of both worlds. Here at Beaute Therapies, we offer tons of different treatments for you to choose from. Whether you want something more relaxing or more for aesthetic reasons, we have just what you are looking for. To learn more about the many services a medical spa has to offer, keep reading. Our staff gives you some insight into what your medical spa experience in Essex, Massachusetts, could look like.



One of the more popular services we offer is facials. One reason for this is because you come in, lay down, and our team works their magic. All that is required of you is to relax and soak it all in. Different facials have different results, too. One day you may decide to come in for a hydrating facial, and another, you may choose to get one that treats acne. There are an array of facials you can choose from. Regardless of which kind you get, you will walk out feeling refreshed with glowing skin.



For those who want hair removal without the razor burn, waxing is for you. Waxing requires minimal effort on your part, making it a better alternative to shaving. You come in, and our technicians take care of the hair removal. The best part about waxing is that hair removal lasts for weeks. With shaving, you have to touch up every couple of days, if not every day. This process of constantly removing body hair can get time-consuming and frustrating. While some people choose to let their hair grow, many of us like to have a sleek and smooth exterior. The worst part about shaving is that you have to plan things around it. If you have a random beach trip come up, you may find that you have to rush to shave. But, if you go with waxing, you will already be prepared for the day ahead. No shaving necessary.



Facials are a great way to clean the skin and bring out a glow. But, it doesn’t go quite as deep as a peel does. Getting a peel at your local medical spa in Essex, Massachusetts, is like pressing reset on your skin. With a peel, you are getting dirt, toxins, and bacteria removed from deep in your skin and pores. Not only will your skin feel amazing and fresh afterward, but you will notice a smoother texture. The more often you get peels and integrate them into your routine, the more youthful your skin will look. Regular skincare is vital for a glowing complexion. But, nothing beats a monthly peel.


Finishing Touches

Skincare and hair removal isn’t all we do at a medical spa. We can also help with other aesthetic areas, such as eyebrows. Tweezing eyebrows at home isn’t difficult to do. However, it’s near impossible to shape them with tweezers. For all your eyebrow beautifying needs, our team can help. We can wax them for you and tint them, giving them some extra color. It may not seem like much, but eyebrows can change the way your face looks. Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference. When you come in for an appointment, we can discuss what your goal is with your eyebrows. From there, we can transform them for you.


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For the traditional spa experience taken to the next level, a medical spa in Essex, Massachusetts is what you need. Here at Beaute Therapies, we can help you relax by offering beneficial services. Whether you want a facial for glowing skin or waxing for smooth legs, we got you covered. Or, you can get multiple services at your visit. To schedule your medical spa appointment, reach out to the Beaute Therapies team at (978) 890-7122. Our staff is looking forward to helping you relax!