Why Fight the Signs of Aging?


How to slow the aging process is definitely in the news and on our minds frequently these days, especially baby boomers. We live in a youth-oriented society, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look our best at any age. In fact, men and women of all ages are looking and feeling better than before—and living longer. We exercise more, eat healthier organic foods and less red meat. Who wants to age gracefully when there are so many potions, lotions and nutritional supplements on the market that can help us fight off its damaging effects? One therapy that is becoming more and more popular as an ant-aging inhibitor is simply called IV vitamin therapy. No, it’s not like popping a morning vitamin C gummy.  It’s much more than that! And since people keep showing up for it, even celebrities have jumped on the IV vitamin bandwagon, it seems to be working. Anti-aging centers and medical spas like Beaute Therapies Medical Spa in West Palm Beach are popping up all over the country to offer similar hope to those that want to combat the aging process at every turn.  

What is IV Vitamin Therapy? 

Beaute Therapies Medical Spa’s age renewal services feature the latest therapies for anti-aging and total body detoxification. IV vitamin therapy injections, a method of administering vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, is very popular with our clients who are interested in a variety of wellness services and living a healthier lifestyle. A combination cocktail of vitamins is generally used, but the most popular seem to be Vitamins C, B, magnesium, calcium and amino acids and antioxidants for good measure. The effects of IV Vitamin therapy last somewhere between two to four days, but some have reported longer lasting effects. What are a few of the benefits of IV vitamin therapy besides the obvious nutritional supplement benefit? Patients have reported a number of things such as: 

-Healthy, glowing skin 

-A noticeable boost to your immune system 

-More energy

-Quick re-hydration after running a race or extreme exercise

-A hangover cure 

-Flushing out unwanted toxins 

-And some have reported that it even helps with sexual dysfunction (more research on that to follow!) 

At Beaute Therapies Medical Spa, we employ a holistic approach to ant-aging treatments. All of our therapies are administered by licensed medical professionals and designed to address the aging process at the cellular level to maximize results. If you are interested in IV vitamin injections and any other anti-aging therapies like detoxification cleanses, skin rejuvenation or nutritional supplements, call us today at (561) 653-3399 to find out more! Our experienced staff and team of medical professionals are committed to helping you achieve the wellness and health you desire.