Lisa Ciampa, CCE, CME

Lisa received a Cosmetology License from Northeast Regional in 1989, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Massachusetts in 1996 and later received her ACE & AFA certifications.

Lisa is known as the Age Eraser Queen – and for good reason – she will erase years from your face with her expertise in facials and skin technology.   Her background and education is extensive, with 28 years in the spa industry and degrees in Cosmetology, Exercise Physiology, Medical Esthetics, Electrolysis and Laser Technologies.  Lisa has had extensive training with our Italian skin care line and keeps current with the newest trends in beauty treatments that include LED photo facials, micro currents, peels and dermaplaning.   Lisa’s facial treatments have been featured in Palm Beach Society and Florida Woman magazines.

December 2, 2018