7 Eyebrow Trends That You Can Follow This Year

Woman applying makeup to eyebrows

You can thank TikTok for all the random beauty trends sweeping the globe right now. Whether you choose to embrace them or create your own, you can’t argue that the social media giant is doing much for beauty influencers who aim to bring innovative and creative ideas to the public.

With a seemingly endless array of options, trends like eyebrow lamination and eyebrow tinting in West Palm Beach have taken center stage. Raise those arches and see what else to follow–and perhaps try–in 2022.

Not So Perfect Arches

Sometimes natural is just best. Brows that are less angled and sharp are now being labeled as seductive and soft. We’ve chosen to embrace the perfect side of the imperfect, and many of us are breathing a sigh of relief as we put away combs, pomade, and the like.

Fluffy Brows

A bit of fluffy in the face provides a great framework for fabulous eyes. The key with fluffy is knowing where to stop…and where to start grooming. Consider all facial features when you decide to embrace your natural texture and play up or down this feature if you find it imbalances other aspects of your face.

More Volume

Brushing your eyebrows upward while still maintaining their shape is an art and one that should not necessarily be attempted by everyone. Apparently feathered is in, and it’s easily achieved with the right brow brush to effortlessly lift and separate.


For every customer that comes in requesting the natural look, there is at least one that asks for frozen perfection. Eyebrow lamination involves the use of gels, creams, and other potions to lock brow hairs into place until you decide to move them. Perfect for long-lasting wear, this look has been a staple of Hollywood makeup artists for years.


The straight, archless brow offers an instant eyelift, with no surgery required. This trend embraces full, straight brows with a slight uplift at the end, giving extra sparkle to the whole eye area. A word to the wise: this may not be a do-it-yourself technique. You’re better off going to a salon to achieve this look.

Bleached Brows

Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Lizzo has gotten on the bleach train as of late. Making a comeback from the early 90s, this faded look has made a big, bold return to the brow hall of fame. If you’re not ready to commit full-time, consider a product like a full coverage concealer or brow paint to do the trick.

Thin is In

Thanks to beauties like Bella Hadid, the skinny brow is now in full force and taking over faces across the globe. With arches in all the right places, this pencil-thin look is best achieved at a professional salon. You may be at risk of over-plucking, which could lead to a host of other problems.

Which Look Will You Choose?

Wondering which trend to sport on your next vacation, family photo session, or a hot date? Consult the professionals at Beaute Therapies Medical Spa. We have our finger on the pulse of all the latest trends, and our talented professionals can provide you with brow and cosmetic treatments that will be the envy of all your friends. Contact us today to make your next big beauty statement and see how we’ll uncover your most beautiful self.