The 101 on Millennials and Laser Treatments in West Palm Beach, Florida

a woman receiving Laser treatment on her face

If you haven’t noticed, millennials are big on their skincare. Skin care comes in many shapes, shades, colors, sizes, and treatments, but young people tend to want them all! Yet, one thing millennials aren’t interested in is anti-aging products. What’s the deal? They want beautiful skin, but they don’t want anti-aging serums, lotions, and procedures? The thing millennials are obsessed with is keeping their skin young here and now. It’s all about prevention, which is why the industry has seen such a drastic increase in laser treatments in West Palm Beach and beyond! In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into the minds of millennials and why they find laser treatments to be the best form of skincare out there!  

Looking at the Statistics of Millennials and Laser Treatments in West Palm Beach, Florida and Beyond  

According to a study by Skin by Lovely, they found that almost 50% of women between the ages of 30 to 34 had already tried injectables. That number decreases drastically from the 35 to 39 age range, where only 28% of women admitted to using injectables. Then, for the 40 to 49 age range, that percentage dropped to a low 11%. The statistics clearly show the impact of skincare on millennials and how open they are to preventative care. The real reason women are transitioning into a more laser-oriented direction is because they’re more focused on the glow and less focused on reducing wrinkles. Everyone wants that vibrant, sun-kissed essence that pulls people in and makes any photo look incredible.  

There are many benefits to laser skin resurfacing, including removing acne scars, removing sun damage, sun spots, wrinkles, or simply old skin. The body produces new collagen often when we’re younger, but after a time, that production supply slows down. This takes away the newness of our fresh faces, and replaces it with a duller, drier version. Unfortunately, this is simply part of the process, but it doesn’t have to be. Millennials are finding that lasers and chemical peels are keeping their skin new all the time! No more waiting for old skin to come. Instead, why not give yourself a fresh layer every few months?  

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