What are the Most Popular Types of Laser Treatments in West Palm Beach, Florida?

a woman receiving laser treatment on her face

In 2019, laser treatments in West Palm Beach, Florida and beyond took off. Now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to prevent aging and obtain healthier skin. Lasers are among the most sought-after solutions, and rightfully so. There are numerous types of laser treatments offering incredible results. Some include resurfacing, probiotic skincare, laser skin tightening, and so much more. Keep reading to learn more about these particular types!  

Skin Resurfacing Laser Treatments in West Palm Beach, Florida  

C02 lasers are useful for resurfacing skin on the face. Now, what does that mean? What is a C02 laser and why would anyone want to resurface their skin? The C02 laser removes the surface layers of the skin, which then allows for new skin to grow in its place. This also produces more collagen, a natural element that gives plumpness and a natural glow to the facial region.  

Probiotic Skincare 

While this option isn’t necessarily laser-based, it is a trend we can’t skip over. Probiotic skincare includes products such as serums, oils, concentrates, creams, and more. The term probiotic means that the products are infused with bacteria. The bacteria are naturally able to give brighter complexions, heal scars, acne, and uneven coloring. Conditions a probiotic skincare product can cure are sun damage, Eczema, Rosacea, acne, and overly oily skin.  

Laser Skin-Tightening  

As people get older, their skin naturally loses collagen and the face begins to droop. This creates a plethora of fine lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, there are numerous treatments out there that target sagging skin. A popular method is laser skin-tightening. The laser naturally pulls skin back into its original place. People love this method because the results are immediate. If the treatment is continued over the long-term, users can find long-lasting results.  

Tattoo Removals  

Some individuals don’t think of a tattoo removal laser as a cosmetic treatment. However, there are people out there who really dislike the ink on their skin. To have a tattoo removed is a commitment and sometimes even painful, but the new and improved lasers are making this process easier.  

Spider Veins  

Last, but certainly not least are spider veins. They are natural for many individuals, yet almost all people who have them find them frustrating to look at. Sometimes they inhibit a person from wearing dresses or shorts. While treating spider veins used to be a painful procedure, non-invasive lasers can actually help reduce the veins with minimal side effects!  

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