You Need To Know These Things Before Your Belotero Treatment

Woman receiving dermal filler treatment

Many people who are confident about their appearance often smile a lot. A nice smile doesn’t have to be perfect but when aging sets in, it’s hard to not think about lines sometimes. While we may see ourselves as a better version of what we were years ago, it’s nice to know there are options when it comes to creating a smoother appearance. It’s even better when injectable gel filler procedures don’t interrupt our busy lifestyles.

Getting a Fresher Look

The days of getting a youthful appearance that looks like an experiment are a thing of the past. Technology has made it easier for adults to naturally slow the aging process. Hyaluronic acid fillers, like the Belotero treatment, make this possible.

The nice thing about this procedure, besides minimal recovery, is that it lasts. As many people are watching their finances more than ever, this treatment can last for up to 12 months. While this varies per patient, overall, this treatment may cost less than procedures that require monthly maintenance.

What’s Belotero and How is it Different?

Belotero is a hyaluronic acid filler that has a thinner consistency than most hyaluronic acid fillers. This lighter texture also makes it easier to smooth across the face and other areas, like in and around the lip area. It’s ideal for anyone with mild to moderate wrinkling and can also be used to define the lips.

Under the name Belotero Balance, it has been approved for cosmetic use by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Like Juvéderm, it’s a synthetic substance made to work with the body’s natural collagen production. This injectable gel filler also goes to work right away so the results are noticeable in a matter of days.

What Can I Expect During the Treatment Process

After scheduling a consultation at our facility, we will assess the condition of your skin and discuss the procedure. This is the time to reveal any allergies, skin conditions, or other medical matters that may affect the outcome. Since this injectable get filler goes deeper into the skin’s surface than Juvéderm, it’s not recommended for anyone who scars easily. If you are prone to hyperpigmentation, or skin darkening, we may have a better-suited alternative to the Belotero filler.

Another advantage of the procedure is that it can be done during your lunch break or while running errands. Each session takes an average of 45 minutes, but this depends on the patient and the severity. Some users feel normal after a day or two, but most patients can resume their normal activities the same day. Minor side effects include mild bruising, redness, and swelling, which typically go away within a week.

For more information, book a consultation at Beaute Therapies Medical Spa where our experienced team is happy to meet with you. We are professionals with more than 20 years in the medical aesthetics industry and pride ourselves on treating our patients with care.