Best Spa Services for Skin Rejuvenation in West Palm Beach, Florida

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You work hard, which means that you should be able to relax with just as much passion. Fortunately, now more than ever, skin rejuvenation in West Palm Beach, Florida is at an all-time high, and very in-demand. The reason being is that people are realizing how important it is for them to genuinely take time to detox, rest, and rejuvenate. At Beaute Therapies Medical Spa, we believe that all people should have access to the skin they love and the rest they deserve. If you’re wondering what the best spa services are for skin rejuvenation, keep reading! 


Relaxation Station with Skin Rejuvenation in West Palm Beach, Florida 

Part of keeping your skin radiant is enjoying a relaxing facial. Not only are these enjoyable, but they’re also incredibly beneficial. You can clear out dirt and clutter, while simultaneously prioritizing your glow. In this article, we’ve highlighted a few of our top facial treatments that not only nourish your skin but heal it as well. Whether you suffer from acne scars, sun spots, or dry skin, you can rest at ease knowing Beaute Therapies has something to offer. 


Age Eraser Facial: This LED light therapy treatment helps to tighten, contour, brighten, and sculpt. While traditional options for this therapy would include a three-part process, our team is able to do it in one, using microcurrent technology and microdermabrasion. Choose from a fifty-minute peel or an eighty-minute peel! 

Gommage Facial: A Gommage facial is a European facial that uses essential oils for detoxing the skin, relaxing the skin, and cleansing the skin. Primarily, this facial is perfect for rejuvenating. 

Iron Mask Facial: If you’re looking for toning and detoxing, this facial is for you. Using a special magnet, this facial removes microparticles that cause damage to the skin over long periods of time. What makes this facial special is that it’s personalized for every individual. 

Biolift: Bath of Vitamins: There’s nothing more exciting than knowing that your skin is getting all of its appropriate nutrients and vitamins. Not only does this boost your cell’s energy, but it also combats premature aging. 

Acne Facial: For those that have a serious issue with acne, this is the perfect solution. This Blue Light treatment helps to eliminate bacteria that is generally the source of acne. It takes out the bacteria and provides a deep, nourishing cleansing that reduces inflammation, and ultimately aids in reducing acne. 

Purity Back Facial: If you have acne scars, sun scars, or rough skin, you might enjoy the Purity Back facial. This deep-cleaning facial brings your glow back, while simultaneously adding in balancing components. 

Dermaplaning Facial: If you’ve ever had a facial, then you know that the top layer of the skin is mostly dead skin cells. What makes for smoother, more radiant skin? Scraping the top layer off in order to make room for new cell growth! Give your skin a fresh start. 

Microdermabrasion: This exfoliating skincare option will leave your skin feeling brand-new. Using microcrystals to cause tiny microdermabrasion scrapes in the skin, you’ll see a reduction in fine lines, sun spots, pore sizes, and more.

Pumpkin Peel Facial: Combat acne and aging using some of the best chemicals in town. With glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and pumpkin pulp, you’ll feel your skin rejoicing. 

Skin Peel Dermal Infusion: The last facial we’re going to recommend is our wet microdermabrasion skin peel that exfoliates, extracts, and infuses the skin with serums. If you’re looking for an all-in-one procedure, this is it! The best part? Little to no downtime. 


At Beaute Therapies, our skin rejuvenation in West Palm Beach, Florida is well-known and highly sought after. We know what it takes to safely deliver high-quality results and little to no downtime. Don’t waste another minute looking for a place to sit back and relax. Contact a member of our team today at 561-653-3399. We’re here to serve you!