It’s Face Tanning and Body Tanning Season

Woman sitting on dock, holding flower, at Beauté Therapies Medical Spa.

It’s that time of the year again when our bodies are neither the best shape nor the desired color. It’s the beginning of spring, and we are all excited to go out, show off our bodies, enjoy the sand beneath our feet and feel the salty breeze in our hair. But we also need to feel confident in our favorite bikini and swimwear.  

Essex, Massachusetts, is home to incredibly beautiful beaches, waiting for the spring season to welcome both tourists and residents. Don’t let your skin color stop you from heading to the beach.

To feel confident you can always get the desired color by visiting a tanning salon, and there are many reliable ones in Essex, Massachusetts. Tanning, however, is a risky business. It always has to be the right shade to look naturally beautiful and sun-kissed. Therefore, we have listed a few tips for you to get the best face and body tan to show off your body during the upcoming spring and summer months.  

Tips For First-time Tanners  

Beginners need to know how to get an even and safe tan. Individuals new to the tanning process should take the appropriate steps to achieve a great first experience.  

  • Ensure you exfoliate and shave a few days prior to your tanning appointment. Body hair and dead skin can prevent UV rays from penetrating your skin in a tanning bed, resulting in a patchy tan.  
  • Remember to use a tanning lotion. According to a study, applying tanning lotion before going to the tanning salon can make your tan last longer while also reducing the radiation’s harmful effects on the skin. Usually, tanning salons provide tanning lotions, but it has to be applied a couple of hours before entering the tanning bed.  
  • Keep in mind, less is more, especially if you are a beginner. You may feel like the longer you stay in a tanning bed, the tanner you’ll be, but this only increases the risk of you harming your skin. Your first tanning duration shouldn’t last more than 5-7 minutes. This is the maximum time a person with fair skin should spend in a tanning bed, even during subsequent sessions. Darker-skinned people can increase the time by one minute per session in order to achieve the desired tan.  
  • Wear goggles at all times. The ultraviolet rays emitted by indoor tanning beds are extremely harmful to your eyes. Only specially made tanning goggles will safeguard your eyes; don’t try to safeguard your eyes by closing them or using regular sunglasses inside a tanning bed. UV rays can also harm your lips. Apply an SPF lip balm before entering the tanning bed to protect them.  
  • Listen to what your body tells you. If your skin feels overheated or painful, remove yourself from the tanning bed immediately.  

Tanning Bed Disclaimer  

The majority of the sun’s UVB radiation is absorbed by the stratospheric ozone layer; thus, a tan you get from exposure outside is mostly due to UVA radiation emitted by the sun. Both UVA and UVB rays are used in tanning beds. UVB rays have greater intensity than UVA rays. They can break your DNA and are the leading cause of skin cancer.  

Spray tans, which use the color additive dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to darken skin cells temporarily without exposing them to dangerous UV rays, are a popular and better way to get a tan without exposing yourself to harmful Ultraviolet rays. There is no tanning that is entirely safe, but tanning booths and beds can get very harmful if rules are flouted.  

Tanning For The Face  

The skin on your body is the same all over; there are no problematic parts; it might be a little dry, a little sweaty, but if you slap on some tan, you’ll be great. On the other hand, your face tells a completely different tale. Most of us have skin issues, like rosacea, acne, oily skin, dry skin, and pigmentation, which you don’t want to draw attention to. Here are a few recommendations to help you achieve an even, sun-kissed face tan.  

  • Similar to preparing the rest of your body, before a tanning session, you must remove any makeup residues and exfoliate the skin of your face to achieve an even tan.  
  • It’s important to choose the correct self-tanner. Choose tanners formulated for the face and examine the contents thoroughly. Choose a lighter tone than you plan to achieve. Remember that your body doesn’t have to match your face, as it will only appear unnatural if it does.  
  • A good face tanner will have more skin-friendly components. It will, however, still contain DHA that is required to get that golden tanned skin.   
  • For best penetration, resist using any skincare products before and after tanning.  
  • To safeguard your eyebrows and the skin around them, apply a small amount of moisturizer around your eyebrows before using a tanning solution.  
  • Cool your face and seal pores by using ice, a cold towel, or a roller before applying self-tanner, and dry your face completely before application. This will stop the tanning chemical from clogging your pores.  

Wrap Up  

While there are no medical benefits of having a tan, people get it done to look good and feel confident. Before you head to a tanning salon, make sure you are well aware of the necessary precautions to need to take. For professional guidance, you can contact Beaute Spa Services in Essex, Massachusetts. You can also call (561)653-3399 and schedule a consultation We hope these tips help you get a good tan so you can hit the beaches with confidence and enjoy the spring and summer seasons.