Brighten Your Skin and Erase the Signs of Aging with a Chemical Peel in West Palm Beach

Chemical Peels West Palm Beach

If you’ve ever wanted a chemical peel but were afraid to try it, now is the perfect time to discover all of the many benefits. A professional chemical peel can stimulate collagen, improve your skin tone, and reveal more youthful fresh skin. Perhaps it’s best to understand how a chemical peel works to decide if it’s right for you.  A traditional chemical peel begins when a licensed aesthetician applies a mild, medium, or strong solution depending on your skin damage and the effect you’re hoping to achieve. The solution is applied to the face, neck, and sometimes to the hands to improve the appearance and the condition of the skin. This solution eventually peels off to reveal smoother, less wrinkly, and fresher skin underneath.

Chemical peels also encourage cell turnover to reduce the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles and have also been used to improve different skin conditions such as uneven skin tone and brown spots. A chemical peel encourages the production of new collagen, for firmer, more youthful skin and it also improves texture from aging and scarring damage caused by acne and much more. 

How does a chemical peel work?

  • A light-depth peel is less aggressive and helpful in the treatment of acne, dry spots, and some wrinkles by removing the outer layer of skin. 
  • A medium-depth peel is best for more severe acne. This more intensive peel removes the mid and outer layer of skin. But more recovery time may be necessary.
  • Deep peel- This peel is more intensive and may require longer recovery time. This peel is often used for damage from the sun and deep wrinkles as well as some pre-cancerous growths.

While these more traditional peels are popular, they take time to achieve the desired result and are often accompanied by redness, dryness, and some pain. That’s why the team at Beauté Therapies Medical Spa recommends several of their peels for maximum efficacy and to bring out radiant dewy fresh skin. We offer a various peels and you can learn more about them below:

  1. Illuminize Peel to brighten and improve skin with minimal downtime. This peel takes approximately 30 minutes to apply.
  2. Rejuvenize Peel to smooth fine lines and offers noticeable results in just one peel! This peel takes approximately 30 minutes to apply.
  3. Vitalize Peel is a more intensive peel and improves the appearance of the skin in three to six applications. This peel takes approximately 50 minutes to apply.

At Beauté Therapies Medical Spa, we know that dryness often accompanies chemical peels in West Palm Beach. That is easily taken care of by applying a special moisturizer that your medical professional will discuss with you in detail for post-care. In most cases, the peel is virtually invisible and feels a bit like sunburn.  After you experienced a chemical peel in West Palm Beach, you’ll really see the difference in your skin.  Call us today at (561) 653-3399 to see if a chemical peel is the right skincare choice for you.