Facts You Should Know Before Getting Fillers

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With the rapid increase in time spent on social media, it’s no wonder that today’s youth are more susceptible to putting plastic in their bodies. The choice for getting fillers is an individual’s choice. However, it’s imperative to understand where that choice stems from. Be fully informed on all aspects regarding any surgical or non-surgical procedure that can permanently alter the way you look and live your life before opting for it. 

Fillers can make you feel in one of two ways. You can either be thrilled about getting fillers, feeling confident about yourself, or feel worse about yourself. Both of these outcomes are valid and occur often. Fillers aren’t like piercings or tattoos that you can get on and take off a whim. There are consequences to fillers, and you should know the facts and risks before deciding. 

What are Fillers?

Fillers are gel-like synthetic or natural substances that are filled in the creases of the body so that they may appear plump. Some of the most common fillers are dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are soft tissue fillers. Essex, MA is one of the many towns in America where these soft-tissue fillers are all the rage,

Fillers are less scary than complete cosmetic surgery, as dermal fillers involve only the injection of fillers in the dermal layer of the skin. They’re also not permanent as these fillers eventually break down. 

What Should You Know?

You must know specific facts before you get dermal fillers. We have listed some of these facts below:

1. Why Do People Get Dermal Fillers

People get dermal fillers for all kinds of reasons. The most significant one is that they don’t want to look like age has affected their beauty. They want to feel differently about themselves, which is why they get fillers.

2. Precautions to Take

Safety should be your main priority. You should ensure that the physician doing the treatment is trained and experienced. Dermal fillers are generally available at medical spas. However, it would be best if you only looked at licensed and trained professionals, so you’re satisfied with your experience.

If your filler is injected incorrectly, you may be at risk for infection, lumps, and discoloration.

3. Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Always go in for a consultation before you get the actual procedure done. If your doctor is an excellent one, they’ll talk through your options with you. Everyone has different skin, so what works for one person may not work for another. You may go in expecting to be treated for dermal filler but then go down a different treatment path due to your doctor’s consultation. 

4. Possible Side Effects of Fillers

You must understand that fillers, as attuned as they might be, to your body are a foreign material and may result in side effects. The most common side effects include bruising, redness, pain, or swelling. All of which can disappear within two weeks. 

More drastic effects can occur when fillers are accidentally injected into blood vessels. This action can lead to impaired or blurred vision and permanent blindness. If your skin turns blue or you’re in a lot of pain, you may call the ER or an ambulance as the filler may have gotten into your bloodstream. 

5. Avoid Soft-Tissue Fillers in Certain Cases

People who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid dermal fillers. There’s no research regarding fillers for people who are pregnant and breastfeeding. If you’re in the process of getting any dental procedures, you should avoid fillers as these procedures require you to stretch and move your mouths which can misplace the fillers.

6. Be Wary of the Cost 

You must understand that if something seems like it’s too good to be true, it often is.  If a medical spa is offering you fillers for cheap, it might cost you more. In 2019, the cost for one hyaluronic acid filler was $652 per syringe. Most people need more than one syringe for serious plumping. 

Final Thoughts 

Filler is less dire than reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. However, you’re still injecting foreign materials into your body, which is why you must be careful concerning them. We recommend that you spend several hours thinking about why you wish to get fillers, get a consultation with a medical professional who you trust, and get testimonies from people who had fillers injected. If you’re looking for licensed soft tissue fillers in Essex, MA medical clinics, or spas, check out Beauté Therapies Medical Spa.