Top Five Benefits of Getting Facial Fillers in West Palm Beach, Florida

facial fillers

First and foremost, let’s understand why people might seek out fillers in the first place. Some individuals seek out fillers because they’re missing plumpness in certain areas of their faces, or they want fillers to make them look younger. Some use facial fillers for medical purposes, such as natural dark eye circles. As you get older, the skin’s elasticity decreases significantly, leaving the facial region looking sunken or deflated. While this is natural and normal, not everyone enjoys this process and search endlessly for ways to get their youthful glow back. Fillers offer a perfect opportunity for aging individuals to revitalize and rejuvenate. With a bit of filler, patients gain years! Yet, the results don’t have to be overwhelmingly noticeable. Little by little, injections can happen. Then, over the span of a few months, you’re seemingly looking better than ever! 


What are Dermal or Facial Fillers? 

Dermal fillers and facial fillers are similar in function, but what exactly are they? Dermal fillers are primarily hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component found within the body. This is precisely what your body stops producing a plethora of as you age. The acid binds to water, and when the solution is injected, it hydrates the skin. It adds volume, which gives the appearance of youth and shine. 



  • Little to No Downtime Needed for Facial Fillers 


The number one biggest benefit of using facial fillers is that there isn’t any downtime. Sure, there might be a bit of discomfort, but it isn’t a chemical peel or an extensive lasering visit. Once you undergo a procedure, you’ll immediately start to notice the difference. The appointment should last no longer than ten minutes, and then you’re free to go about your day as normal! There may be a little swelling, but it’s not enough to be radically noticeable.



  • Long-Lasting 


Isn’t it nice to know that something you spend plenty of money on is actually long-lasting and worth the investment? Many people feel this way about fillers, as they’re incredibly long-lasting and noticeable for months. You’ll stay looking youthful for about a year until you need another check-in. You might also choose to do a touch-up visit every four to six months after your original appointment.



  • A Boost for the Skin 


As mentioned, the substance within a filler is very similar to what the body already naturally produces, meaning that it’s not a terrible addition for the skin. It helps to hydrate, smooth, and plump the surface of the skin by working beneath the skin’s surface. Give your skin a boost! 



  • Subtle but Powerful 


Many people think that anti-aging procedures need to be dramatic, but the reality is that aging is a minimal process that occurs over time. Therefore, anytime you decide to plump up your skin or rejuvenate the surface, you’ll want to match that speed. It’s important that when you choose facial fillers, you choose a medical professional that understands the importance of taking it slow, and subtle injections. Less is more in this case. 


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