THE 360 LIP FIX – Injectables That Make a Difference

The most difficult to treat area and the most aging is the area above the lip line, below the lip and the chin area, known as the perioral area. Those lines can really make you look older than you’d like.

Many women find this to be a trouble spot adding years to the face, unnecessarily. It is the most difficult to treat because of the sensitivity of this area and the fine lines that require a myriad of injections.

Sun damage, cigarette smoke, environmental damage and the way a person speaks (use of the mouth) can deepen the lines and create an undesirable effect.

As we age our skin gets depleted of collagen so we develop these lines, like it or not.

Susie MacPherson, owner of Beaute Therapies Medical Spa is offering a new treatment that works on that hard to improve area.

Susie calls it “The 360 LIP FIX”, the ultimate lip treatment to treat vertical lip lines and wrinkles around the mouth.  Typically, it is a painful procedure, but not with Susie’s pain free technique.  You are given a dental block and a topical cream, so you will not feel a thing. “The 360 LIP FIX”, includes a combination of laser/ultrasound and injections of Botox/Xeomin and a soft tissue filler, either Juvederm, Belotero or Vobella, the newest product that is FDA approved for fine lines around the lip area. Susie will customize the treatment for each individual.

In my case, where the lips are thin the treatment helped to plumps them up, give them definition and smoothed all the lines. The procedure should be done once or twice per year depending on how deep the lines are and how full you would like your lips to be. The treatment was very comfortable with minimal swelling and bruising. I highly recommend the 360 LIP FIX treatment.

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